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Updated April 17, 2014
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Thank you to our many generous donors for standing with us against climate change!

You can still help keep the momentum going on GreeningUSA's climate change advocacy efforts by making a tax-deductible donation today.

Check out what the scientific community is saying about climate change.

"The science on climate change is now clear enough that failing to take strong actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions would constitute an extraordinary case of intergenerational injustice."

Dr. James Hansen
Former Director, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

If you can identify with the above quote from Dr. Hansen, then join us in sending a compelling Earth Day 2014 message to the Central New York community and local elected officials:

We all must act now to reduce our impacts on climate change.

First, a huge "thank you" goes out to our many donors who have made it possible for us to soon send the above Earth Day message! Draft of the ad that will run in The Post-Standard on April 22 thanks to our many generous donors.Because of your generosity, we raised over $4,000 and will be running a full-page ad in The Post-Standard on Earth Day, April 22. We'll also be running the following Syracuse-area outdoor billboards:

April 22 – Route 690 westbound lane at Teall Ave. (LED lit)
April 22 - 29 – 3701 James St., Eastwood area, just west of the Thompson Rd. intersection.
April 22 - 29 – Butternut St. at the entrance ramp to I-81 from downtown.

Even with the upcoming Earth Day newspaper ad and billboards ready to go, we still need your help with the next step of our climate change campaign.

For this second part, please contact your Congressman during the upcoming Earth Week, April 21-25. In addition to taking personal responsibility on reducing our carbon footprint through decisions we make every day, public policies must be implemented if we are to reduce global greenhouse gases.

When contacting your Congressman, keep the message simple. Feel free to use the following points when stating your case.

  • You are concerned about climate change.
  • Ask your representative to enact policies that will:
    • Reduce emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane which drive climate change.
    • Increase energy efficiency standards.
    • Support non-fossil, renewable sources of energy.

Contact information for our CNY Congressional representatives:

Rep. Dan Maffei, 24th Congressional District
Staff person for environmental issues:
Bryan Maxwell (Washington, D.C., office)

Rep. Richard Hanna, 22nd Congressional District
Staff person for environmental issues:
Adam Hepburn (Washington, D.C., office)

If you contributed to the Earth Day 2014 ad and billboards, we will send an email before Earth Day reminding you to contact your representative.

Thank you for your support in helping to preserve both present and future generations.

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Board of Directors
John Przepiora, President

Many thanks to the following supporters for helping us send a message on climate change!


Peter Arsenault

David Ashley

William Ayling

Helen Beale

Gibber & Bonnie Beckeman

Ken Bobis

Cal Bowne

Diane Brandli

Mark Briggs

Jessica Bumpus

Elisabeth Burton

Mary Jean Byrne-Maisto

Peter Cann

Central New York Section of the American Chemical Society

Chris Carrick

Clean Communities of CNY

Cobblestone Valley Farm

Paula Conan

Meryl Corsun

Richard Drosse

Jim Eachus

EarthWorks of St. James Episcopal Church, Skaneateles

First Unitarian Universalist Society of Syracuse Green Sanctuary Team

Douglas Alan Frank

Thomas Giffin

Samuel and Julia Gordon

Michael Gorr

Daniel & Robert Griffin-Nolan

Bryce Hand

Craig Heim

Paul Higman

Don Hughes

Peter Kraai

Mary Kuhn

Howard LaFever

Agnes Lane

Karin Limburg

Curt Lindy

Roseann Lorefice

Donna Lucente

Eleanor M. Maine

Jessica Maxwell

Judy Moreland

Mark Naef

Donald Nicholas

Elizabeth Nolan

Shirley & Larry Novak

Judy Oplinger

Young Ju Park-Cunningham

John Przepiora

Walter Putter

Kenneth Ralph

Anne Saltman

Mary Schalk

Vicky Schipper

Deborah Schmitz

Clarence Shoemaker

William Sunderlin

Yvonne Tasker Rothenberg

Kyle Thomas

Jane Tretler

Leslie Ulm

Charles Uttech

Pam Walker

Will Wallak

Peter Wirth

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