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What the scientific community is saying about climate change
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Updated January 29, 2014
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We all must act now to reduce our impacts on climate change.

Below are more science-based articles on research into various aspects of climate change.

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ScienceDaily | June 19, 2013
Siberian Caves Warn of Permafrost Meltdown

ScienceDaily | June 14, 2013
Dramatic Loss in Snowfall for Los Angeles-Area Mountains Predicted

ScienceDaily | June 11, 2013
Is a Sleeping Climate Giant Stirring in the Arctic?

ScienceDaily | June 7, 2013
Amazon Forest Fire Risk to Increase in 2013

ScienceDaily | May 13, 2013
Scientists Find Extensive Glacial Retreat in Mount Everest Region

ScienceDaily | May 10, 2013
Carbon Dioxide at NOAA's Mauna Loa Observatory Reaches New Milestone: Tops 400 Parts Per Million

ScienceDaily | April 21, 2013
Earth's Current Warmth Not Seen in the Last 1,400 Years or More, Says Study

ScienceDaily | April 14, 2013
New Insight Into Accelerating Summer Ice Melt On the Antarctic Peninsula

ScienceDaily | April 8, 2013
Dramatic Retreat of the Andean Glaciers Over the Last 30 Years

ScienceDaily | March 12, 2013
Canadian Arctic Glacier Melt Accelerating, Irreversible, Projections Suggest

ScienceDaily | March 7, 2013
Glaciers will melt faster than ever and loss could be irreversible warn scientists

ScienceDaily | March 5, 2013
More storms like Sandy? Arctic ice loss amplified Superstorm Sandy violence

ScienceDaily | February 11, 2013
Sunlight stimulates release of climate-warming gas from melting Arctic permafrost

ScienceDaily | February 8, 2013
Predictions of the human cost of climate change

ScienceDaily | February 1, 2013
Increases in extreme rainfall linked to global warming

ScienceDaily | January 22, 2013
Unprecedented glacier melting in the Andes blamed on climate change

ScienceDaily | January 23, 2013
Loss of Arctic sea ice speeds domino effect of warming temperatures at high latitudes

ScienceDaily | January 18, 2013
Heat waves, storms, flooding: Climate change to profoundly affect U.S. Midwest in coming decades

ScienceDaily | January 18, 2013
Melt ponds cause Artic sea ice to melt more rapidly

ScienceDaily | January 16, 2013
In the eastern U.S., spring flowers keep pace with warming climate, blooming up to a month earlier

ScienceDaily | January 15, 2013
2012 sustained long-term climate warming trend, NASA finds

ScienceDaily | January 14, 2013
Global warming has increased monthly heat records worldwide by a factor of five, study finds

ScienceDaily | January 8, 2013
2012 was warmest and second most extreme year on record for the contiguous U.S.

ScienceDaily | January 2, 2013
Natural relationship between carbon dioxide concentrations and sea level documented

ScienceDaily | January 2, 2013
Political action the biggest swing factor in meeting climate targets

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