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What the scientific community is saying about climate change
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Updated January 29, 2014
  Photo of the earth from space.

Take action against climate change

Join us in sending a compelling Earth Day 2014 message to the Central New York community and local elected officials:

We all must act now to reduce our impacts on climate change.

Below are more science-based articles on research into various aspects of climate change.

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ScienceDaily | February 29, 2012
Thickest parts of Arctic ice cap melting faster

ScienceDaily | February 15, 2012
Climate change may increase risk of water shortages in hundreds of US counties by 2050

ScienceDaily | January 19, 2012
NASA finds 2011 ninth-warmest year on record

ScienceDaily | January 17, 2012
Ice age findings forecast problems: Data from end of last Ice Age confirm effects of climate change on oceans

ScienceDaily | January 10, 2012
Dramatic links found between climate change, elk, plants, and birds

ScienceDaily | December 9, 2011
2010 spike in Greenland ice loss lifted bedrock, GPS reveals

ScienceDaily | December 4, 2011
Global carbon emissions reach record 10 billion tons, threatening 2 degree target

ScienceDaily | November 16, 2011
Erratic, extreme day-to-day weather puts climate change in new light

ScienceDaily | November11, 2011
Americans using more fossil fuels

ScienceDaily | November 10, 2011
Greenhouse gas index continues to climb

ScienceDaily | November 5, 2011
NASA airborne mission maps remote, deteriorating glaciers

ScienceDaily | October 21, 2011
Cooling the warming debate: Major new analysis confirms that global warming is real

ScienceDaily | June 21, 2011
Fastest sea-level rise in 2,000 years linked to increasing global temperatures

ScienceDaily | March 18, 2011
Record-breaking 2010 Eastern European/Russian heatwave

ScienceDaily | March 8, 2011
Melting ice sheets now largest contributor to sea level rise

ScienceDaily | February 15, 2011
Rising seas will affect major US coastal cities by 2100, new research finds

ScienceDaily | January 28, 2011
Warming North Atlantic water tied to heating Arctic

ScienceDaily | January 21, 2011
New melt record for Greenland ice sheet: 'Exceptional' season stretched up to 50 days longer than average

ScienceDaily | November 18, 2010
As Arctic temperatures rise, tundra fires increase

ScienceDaily | October 22, 2010
Arctic Report Card: Region continues to warm at unprecedented rate

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