Sustainability Academy

Sustainability Academy is GreeningUSA’s grass roots educational outreach program,  providing sustainability-related educational experiences to members of the community.


We do this using varied venues and formats to reach those who may not have had the opportunity to learn about strategies they can use to create a sustainable future for themselves and their children.


It began in 2008 with an effort to support not only the Syracuse City Schools massive renovation project, but also to examine the idea set forth in the Sustainable Design Assessment Team’s (SDAT) recommendations for neighborhood revitalization within a ¼ mile radius of those schools, responding to specific community needs.


Sustainability Academy has a history of holding innovative and hands-on educational events, including:


  • Workshops for teachers, community members and leaders
  • Festivals at schools and in the community
  • A partnership with the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, helping to organize and exhibit at the annual “Party for the Planet”
  • And…working toward bringing “virtual” learning experiences through on-line video conferencing in the future.

GreeningUSA is a 501(c)3 Educational NYS non-profit with a group of volunteers devoted to spreading the word about sustainability.  We want everyone to understand the problems we face, but more importantly, the solutions to those problems. 


We want to empower people to become part of the solution!


Please contact us for more information about this program, and volunteer opportunities.